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Agent Spotlight – Jason Roach

Published on February 12, 2019



Jason Roach joined Pointe3 Real Estate in January 2019 with over 20 years of knowledge and experience in real estate, including over 10 years as a practicing real estate attorney. Because of his extensive real estate and legal background, Jason believes in using all the resources at his disposal to get the very best deal for the people whom he represents. With this “all in” approach, he strives to develop a personal relationship with his clients and become a trusted resource for life.

I sat down with Jason to learn more about him for this month’s Agent Spotlight!



1. When and why did you get started in real estate?

I was legal counsel for a large real estate investor who decided to start his own real estate brokerage firm in the mid-2000’s. I became an agent to help run the business and quickly realized that brokerage was my true passion.

2. Why did you join Pointe3 Real Estate?

I believe a boutique real estate firm can provide more unique, customized service for clients. Pointe3 is a well-known and respected firm in Downtown Seattle where I conduct a lot of business. The real estate business is ever evolving and I believe Pointe3 is a modern, growing business that can assist me in staying ahead of the curve.

3. What neighborhood(s) do you specialize in?

From South Seattle to South Snohomish County with an emphasis in Seattle proper, Bellevue, Kirkland and Bothell/Woodinville.

4. What is the most challenging/gratifying aspect of being a real estate broker?

The most gratifying is easy: As a broker, I get truly happy, satisfied clients at the conclusion of a transaction. In my past as a lawyer that was rarely the case. Most challenging? Representing buyers in such a competitive market. Not every buyer is flush with cash to buy and/or willing to take significant risks. Whatever the circumstances the buyer faces it is still my job to find them a property they love and can successfully purchase in a very competitive marketplace.

5. What do you foresee in 2019’s real estate market?

We will continue to hear the term “stabilizing” with an increase in inventory and slightly more days on market. There will be opportunities to buy without crazy bidding wars but don’t expect fire-sale prices.

6. Do you have any advice for someone looking to buy or sell a home in today’s competitive market?

It is vitally important to have a knowledgeable broker who can set realistic expectations. We will continue to see articles touting a buyers’ market and there will be opportunities. However, people are still moving to the area in droves and chances are as a seller you still will have significant equity in your home. As a seller, you should not assume the eventual return of crazy year over year gains and mandatory bidding wars.  As a buyer, this still remains one of the best markets in the world to invest in real estate.  Have you seen those cranes?

7. Tell us about you! Where did you grow up and where do you currently reside?

I grew up in rural Northeast Ohio and currently live in Woodinville.

8. What are your passions or hobbies outside of real estate?

I am an avid sports fan and enjoy coaching or attending my children’s various athletic endeavors. I also consider myself to be a highly skilled amateur movie critic!

9. What are your favorite things to do in the area?

Spending time with my family in Seattle Center will always have a special place in my heart. When we first moved here we walked to Seattle Center from Queen Anne all the time and created so many great memories playing in the fountain, wading pool, gardens and Children’s Museum.

10. Why should someone choose you as their real estate broker?

I have the knowledge, integrity and unique skill set to obtain the best possible result for my clients. I take an all-in personal approach with my clients to become a trusted resource for life.


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