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Agent Spotlight: Ritchard Wooley

Published on November 20, 2018

Ritchard Wooley
joined Pointe3 Real Estate in March of 2018 after working with another brokerage for two years. Prior to becoming a licensed Broker, he was a Leasing Manager with the locally based Property Management company, Blanton Turner, where he helped to shape the city’s fast paced luxury apartment scene into what it is today. In 2016, he realized his long standing dream and became a Real Estate Broker. Within months he received Keller Williams Tacoma 2016 Rookie of the Year award and helped his team reach #1 in that office for volume. Early in 2018, Ritchie moved back to Seattle with his husband and immediately became part of the Pointe3 family.

I sat down with Ritchard to learn more about him for this month’s Agent Spotlight!

1. When and why did you get started in real estate?

I’ve wanted to be in real estate for literally half of my life as I saw it as an opportunity to make a great living while also helping people find shelter, one of life’s basic needs. I became a Broker in January of 2016.

2. When did you join Pointe3 Real Estate?

I joined Pointe3 as soon as I got my license back in 2016 but almost immediately took a position on a team that focused on new construction and required me to hang my license with another office. Two years later in 2018 I’m back at Pointe3 officially and for good!

3. Why did you join Pointe3 Real Estate?

I was and am attracted to Pointe3 because it is a boutique firm that allows individual personalities like mine to shine. I like the intimacy and relationships that are formed organically through authenticity.

4. What neighborhood(s) do you specialize in?

Well my first two years were spent primarily in Pierce County where I became very familiar with Gig Harbor, Tacoma, and Puyallup and I still enjoy working those areas. Now that my home and my office are in King County, I have been and am currently working more from Renton to Lynnwood and everywhere in between.

5. What is the most challenging/gratifying aspect of being a real estate broker?

I will say that the most gratifying and most challenging aspects are two sides of the same coin. It is extremely gratifying to work in a field that I’m so passionate about and assist people, including my friends and family, with probably the most expensive and important transactions they will have in their lives. This also comes with a huge feeling of responsibility and I am so honored that my clients put their trust in me.

6. What do you foresee in the 2019 real estate market?

Overall I see Seattle continuing to thrive and that can mean several things depending on everyone’s individual perspective. I’m looking forward to more condos in the city and development throughout the surrounding neighborhoods offering more opportunities for more home buyers.

7. Do you have any advice for someone looking to buy or sell a home in today’s competitive market?

For me and the clients I work with, the decision to buy or sell has less to do with what’s going on in the market and everything to do with what’s going on in YOUR life. Real property is bought and sold every day in good markets and tough ones. When you decide you’re ready, THAT is the perfect time.

8. Tell us about you! Where did you grow up and where do you currently reside?

I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA but have lived in Seattle for more than half my life now and I’m proud to call this city home (Sorry Mom and Dad).

9. What are your passions or hobbies outside of real estate?

Music! If you’ve not heard me singing something then you’ve not been in my presence for more than five minutes! I’ve been singing and dancing with Seattle Men’s Chorus for nearly 20 years and just this year I joined three of my most fabulous friends to form a brand new quartet called Princess Guy! While work and the arts keep me pretty busy, I also really enjoy low-key gatherings with friends and family for game nights and movie nights.

10. What are your favorite things to do in Seattle?

OMG This town is an eatery! LOL There are so many wonderful restaurants and I love exploring them.  And again, the arts. There’s so much culture here. I love taking in big and small stage productions, museums, etc. I have to be honest, here… I sometimes feel guilty living here that I’m not much of an outdoorsy person but I have gone a few hikes.

11. Why should someone choose you as their real estate broker?

Because my heart is in it. Yes I know how cheesy that sounds. Nevertheless, it’s the truth and it’s what makes the difference for me and for my clients. I really enjoy transparency in my work. My goal is for everyone involved in every transaction to win! And if you talk to any of my clients and even the folks on the opposite side of the transaction they will tell you the same thing.


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